Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Bygone Outfit

Oh my gosh, y'all! THERE ARE SO MANY HOOPS IN MY LIFE THAT I HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH RIGHT NOW. It's extremely annoying. I have my patience for today, but that's about it. I hope to have everything settle very soon and then announce that stuff is back on track. We'll see, but I'm really working hard to make something happen in an extremely short period of time. I really want to make it work!

Anyway, about this outfit...it's an oldie. It's also a sad tale of wearing clothes and eating. As I mentioned before, these leggings are no longer. I wore them entirely out in a year. This was not because they were poorly made, but because I wore them all the time and didn't quite properly care for them. As for the top...I just cannot eat when I have on new clothes. I was so excited about this top, ready for it to be a fall and winter staple, and then I ate some food, spilled on it, and it was gone. Grease spots and food stains are the bane of my existence. The shoes are gone too, because they pinched my toes. We're looking at history. It's a little sad too, because I really enjoyed this outfit. The colors are great and the coverage was great and my hair was pretty cute. But oh well! Life happens and clothes don't last forever!





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