Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Giraffe Leggings

So, I missed a week or two. It'll happen. I really need to make outfit photos part of my weekly routine. I will try!!!

I'm featuring MORE LEGGINGS! (Because I fucking love leggings.) The leggings fit my new pledge. They are by Black Milk and made in Australia. But they are gone now. They wore out in the inner thigh, because they are not reinforced athletic leggings. I mended them a few times, but the mending became less flat over time and just bugged me. Plus, I had not been as precious with them as I should've and they were scratched and torn in places. I wanted to repurpose the fabric, but have no use for this kind of fabric in my sewing projects, so I ditched them. The rest of the outfit is not special, a shirt from Holiday World and some New Balance sneakers. This was just as the fall was turning and I so wanted cooler weather, but it ended up being hot and I was sweaty and UGH! I need 40s and 50s to be comfortable, I guess.






  1. It's so sad these leggings are gone!

    1. I'm gonna write more about Black Milk leggings next week in my Fat Tuesdays post...so keep an eye out!!!