Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Homemade

This is a dress I wanted to make but didn't get my shit together in time, so mom helped/made the entire thing. I wore it once and then it sat in my closet, unworn. Some of that was due to the summer and just being hot but also going on hikes with a golden retriever and not wanting the dress to be torn up. Some of that was due to a job I took where I had to have some part of my uniform printed with their artwork. So I solved the problem by printing on it...then I paired it with cowboy boots and a massive, sparkly, butterfly head band and went to work. But I don't work there any more, so the dress is now in my Goodwill pile. (Story on all that tomorrow.) The cost of the dress was fabric at JoAnn's, possibly as high as $8 a yard (about a $32 dress). I don't remember though. The boots are VERY old, but cost somewhere between $150-$200 and are Ariat, an awesome boot brand. It's a nice look, for sure, just one I won't repeat any time soon, what with getting rid of the dress.



It occurs to me that a lot of the clothes I'm showing are on their way out...but this is because I've owned them for a year (which is about as long as some things last) or the fit wasn't right or they were for a job I no longer have. I guess I'd like to have clothes for a longer period of time... However, I'm a minimalist, so I have a tendency to own only exactly what I need and replace things as needed. I'd like to believe clothes will last more than a year or a season, but sometimes, it just requires trial and error to find a good fit and something that will last. Also, some clothes just wear out when I wear them more than once a week.




  1. The dress is beautiful and looks great on you! Sad it is going in the Goodwill... You should make another!

    1. Oh, I will! It needs a small tweak, which I know how to do now.