Friday, November 13, 2015

Recent Work : Kendra the Rockstar

As part of Kendra's project to create a photo album for her boyfriend, she told me she wanted a "rocker" photo shoot. Using his leather jacket and her leather jacket, black lingerie, fishnets, and some really sexxy shoes, we headed up to a really cool, abandoned building in Cleveland. The location was so perfect. There was a stair case just left in the middle of the empty building as well as some other great architectural details that created a cool backdrop. We stuck with purple and black, a sexy updo, and focused on eye makeup for the look of the shoot. As for the poses? We just put on some "No Diggity", set my phone near her, and let her dance. I mixed in a few portraits and we had so much fun and created a ton of great photos. Out of the entire project, this shoot yielded the most photos. This entire project was really fun. It's so rare for anyone really to book me for boudoir, unless they've known me for a while. But having the opportunity to do four boudoir shoots was so great. I really love making photos with lingerie or just totally's probably my favorite style of portraiture, and Kendra set me up for fun upon fun!

To see the ENTIRE project : Gatsby Inspired, Kendra the Zebra, Kendra in the Forest...and I am sure you will see more of Kendra in the future. She's my best friend (one of my bridesmaids) and my muse. I love working with her so much and she loves modeling for me. It's a perfect friendship, really!















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