Friday, November 6, 2015

Recent work : Paige the Crow

My friend, Kinsey, came to visit recently and she brought her fancy-ish lighting. We weren't able to use her most fancy lighting, but I was able to go out with her off-camera flash and play around. I didn't use this flash the way most people do, which you would see in "dramatic" wedding photos. Instead, I used it in the way that I like, which is to make big bursts of light and strange lens flare. It was really fun and I'm pleased with a lot of the photos. I'm going to look into buying this remote system, because I think I'd love to play around with it in the future. BUT FIRST, I definitely have an opportunity to rebuild my usual kit for a super great deal from Captured in the Lens. She's switching systems and selling her Canon equipment for a RIDICULOUS deal. I'm super excited. But anyway, ON TO THE PICTURES!!!









  1. Cool! The dancing one and that first portrait are especially awesome! My wedding photographer tried out her off camera flash with us, and they turned out to be my fave photos of me & Omar! The way it lights up leaves at night is so pretty.

    1. Thanks! I actually hate it for wedding photography, because it doesn't really suit my mood...but maybe I'll change my mind after playing around. I really wanna try your prism stuff soon, though!

  2. I LOVE these! They look awesome. I'm especially in love with the first one that has the crazy lens flare!

    1. I am ALL about lens flare...sun glare or artificial, it's my FAVE.