Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review : E2 in Pittsburgh

Last spring, Adam and I went to Pittsburgh for a dance event. Since Adam is not a dancer, we also did other Pittsburgh things. We used Air BnB, which is totally awesome. We had friendly cats stay with us as well! The morning of our departure, we searched out a cool breakfast place and came across the highly reviewed, E2, which was also very near where we stayed.

This has to be the most pretentious place I've ever eaten. The interior is extremely cramped and noisy and the menu reads like some hipster's version of how to be cool. They offer a lobster Pittsburgh! It's very telling when a restaurant will offer an ingredient or type of food that can't be sourced locally and has to be shipped from somewhere else. There are no lobsters anywhere near Pittsburgh and no reason why a brunch place should ignore the types of food available in the area for something as faux-fancy as lobster. Lobster is only impressive when you have to ship it from far away. What a joke.

The menu reads like a hipster's guide for how to do breakfast. The website boasts, "cuisine that is simple and approachable," when the menu is anything but.

However, a pretentious menu isn't usually enough for me to really hate a place as much as I hate this one. The preposterous menu wasn't even prepared correctly! They are known for their "donuts," which aren't really donuts. I ordered a couple of flavors, because I love trying new things. Both sets came to me undercooked and were replaced with more undercooked donuts. If you can't even get your specialty made right, honestly, what are you even doing? Service was slow, unpleasant, and just not smart. The place was cramped, noisy, and uncomfortable.

Adam's meal was done well, though mine was not. However, everything was so unnecessarily fancy that it also had to be overpriced. Eggs, toast, bacon, and potatoes comes much cheaper and much easier to eat in any diner in the U.S., which is all we ever really need. My advice is to avoid this place. Don't let the hype fool you. But if you're really interested, then order to go. Head up on a mild day, grab your food to go, and find a stoop in the neighborhood to sit on and enjoy. The surrounding neighborhood is much cooler than this eatery. The donuts, in theory, would be worth a visit, if I could recommend them...but I can't, since they weren't cooked properly.

How can you trust a place that can't even cook it's own specialty? I say don't. If you're in Pittsburgh, definitely find somewhere else to eat.

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