Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review : Nepali Kitchen

OH man, I'm super excited to write about the Nepali Kitchen, a fantastic restaurant in Akron. The place is not particularly fancy. It's on Cuyahoga Falls Ave in North Hill and it's just a small diner on a little corner lot. It has basic seating and tables, which is not a big deal to me. I'm not necessarily huge on atmosphere and decor. Little dive diners are fine with me!


And the food? SO GOOD! I'm not usually a fan of Indian food, which is the closest approximation to Nepali food. Curry features on the menu as well as other dishes that might pop in an Indian restaurant. The first time I was there, I ordered the curry, not spicy, but it was more spicy than I expected. If you're into spicy food, this place will dish up all the spice you can handle! The second time I was there, I ordered Gheeu, a much less spicy dish that made me extremely happy. If you're not interested in spice, the Gheeu will definitely do you well! Everything came with a pile of rice and was just ridiculously delicious every time.


On my first visit, I ordered both the desserts, both of which were way too sweet for me. My fellow diners enjoyed them, though. The second time I was there, I ordered all the breads. The breads are all good, I'm just not a big bread fan. If you like bread, then I imagine they'll compliment any dish you order.

My friends order the mango lassi whenever they go, and they love them. I've tried to order the mutton momo but it's been unavailable each time. The service is always friendly and prompt. Everything is always clean. It's super simple and delicious and an asset to Akron!


  1. The food looks delicious, and the curry is perfect for the cold weather!

  2. Oh my gosh - I need this in my life!! I'm drooling.