Friday, November 27, 2015


I keep thinking I should be writing MORE about my own wedding and the planning process, because...ISN'T THAT WHAT PEOPLE DO? After all, I have tons of opinions and knowledge I think others should know. But then I just keep forgetting to write about it, because I also don't really care about my own wedding. Weddings are something I find interesting in that I don't have a desire to participate in yours, though I've photographed a ton and wouldn't mind photographing a few more, and I have no desire for my own wedding. Nevertheless, I'm still interested.

So today, let's talk about my dress and THE DRESS.


I picked mine up at a small shop in Omaha for $130. I had no intention of buying my dress. I was planning on making my dress. But Adam and I were in the area for my date to paint with Kinsey, and there was a cool shop with retro dresses, and I looked in the window and saw my almost dream dress. The shop is Atomic Bombshells (why is that not offensive) and it specializes in mostly cheap, knit versions, of "retro" dresses. Apparently, the owner also has a line of dresses and mine is one of hers. It's almost my dream dress because it is my dream color and has my dream skirt, but it's not my dream neckline. Yes, I've always known, ever since I was at least nine, that I would wear a blue dress to my wedding. For $130 and a corsetted back that allows me to go braless, this can be my pretty-fucking-perfect wedding dress.


And what about the wedding dress? Well, let me tell you why you wear white : Because Queen Victoria, who was more popular than Princess Diana, wore white. That's why it's the new tradition. NOT because she was a virgin but because bleaching fabric to a pristine white was a sign of wealth and she was wealthy. Her wedding meant to show opulence and people LOVED her and it. At the same time, there was a larger middle class and new ways to make white fabric and so the Victorians, who loved to show off their wealth, began wearing white. A tradition that continues today.

As for white being virginal, that's just not true. In fact, the "something blue," was meant to signify virginity because blue was the color of purity. So if you're a virgin bride, you should actually be looking for a blue dress. And if you're a bride with any sort of personality, you should be looking for a dress in your favorite color. And if you're a bride who has any sense of proportion and humility, you should be wearing a nice, but simple dress that isn't flashy


But let's be real, no one actually cares about the true meanings behind wedding traditions, except for me. In fact, Americans don't care at all about the real meanings behind things. If they did, the same people who were boycotting a red cup wouldn't have a very pagan Christmas tree in their home. If Americans cared at all about tradition, then they wouldn't wear rings that signify ownership or a marketing scheme. If Americans cared about having any meaning in anything they do, they wouldn't say to me, "Oh, the ring doesn't mean that to me NOW." Even though, it does mean that right now, when women still don't make as much as men because women are lesser and your engagement ring continues to support the very idea that you are actually property.

Seriously, if you want a pretty, fancy, expensive, diamondy symbol of your love, then ask for a fucking tennis bracelet! They certainly don't mean you're the marked property of someone else.

But no, you don't care, which is maybe why I keep forgetting or avoiding writing about my wedding planning. I DON'T CARE about having a wedding and YOU DON'T CARE about having meaningful traditions. So who the fuck cares about these blog posts anyway?

**edit** I don't want to rewrite this post, but it would appear that I've actually written four other wedding posts now, which is just about right for the decisions I've been making. So maybe I made up an idea in my own head because I sat on this post for so long without writing it. Although, it is still true that no one seems to care about any of the information I have regarding our traditions and how little truth there is in any of them. Whatever.


  1. Fenna, I love your dress. It's perfect. I care about meaningful traditions and blog posts but I never seem to know when you have a new one. Just happened to see the link on twitter.
    I hope you have a super fun wedding, just like you. I wish I could be there to see you get hitched.

    1. Well, I write a post a day M-F, with few exceptions. I tweet all my posts, am hooked up with Bloglovin', and share them on Google+ when they are published. So you can find me in all those places.