Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Review

Normally, this is the day I post my goals for the week. But fuck that. I don't want to write about that right now. I'm in an incredibly foul mood due to my own emotions and outside events beyond my control. I've had a shit couple of weeks that involved motherfucking bed bugs and being disinvited from a major family event...and they're not even my own family! On top of that, I can't say that my plans for the future are looking very much like my own plans so much as obligation and responsibility. I am good and pissed off and annoyed and also, I wish money grew on trees.

Because of that, I wanted to avoid my usual weekly post even though I always end up reflecting on the past year as it comes to an end and I usually look forward to writing some resolutions. I love New Year's. I think anyone who refuses to write resolutions is a punk ass bitch not interested in personal growth and ignorant to the fact that we all make resolutions on the daily; any time we make a decision. Since I've been steadily knocking items off my 101 Things list and maintaining weekly blog posts full of goals, I actually don't have many resolutions to make. Just one : Run every day for 365 days, starting January 1st. That's it.


Also, I wanted to forego my usual list because I know what I have to do this week and there is no room for my own shit. It's all for others. HOWEVER, I'm going to post my January update to my 101 Things list because I looked at it today and I've knocked a fuckton of shit off that damn list and it's just about the only thing I'm really feeling good about right now!

First, I'm gonna start with the FINISHED section because it's kinda big and I'm kinda proud.

001. Paint bedroom
002. Refinish floors
003. Paint studio
004. Build shelves in bathroom
005. Build shelves in bedroom
006. Build shelves in studio
009. Find/Create matching book shelf for Adam
010. Frame and hang Adam's Romania posters
011. Move more of Adam's stuff to my place
012. Create corner for Adam in my bedroom
013. Hang hammock
017. Create Store Envy
018. Fill with inventory
023. Make cloth diaper start-up kit
032. Get passport
042. Put together ideal equipment situation
049. Enroll in college
050. Complete Community college
051. Read 50% of personal library
053. Find management position
063. Maintain blog
070. Run two half marathons
PRIVATE 89,90,94-97

Next, I want to talk about this items I am NOT DOING. This is a thing that happens on every 101 Things list. It's natural that life changes and so some items get kicked off the list because of those changes. In this case, I've decided to stop pursuing Larry and Boo's Emporium with my mom. With my recent bed bug issue, in which a lot of furniture and other items were kicked to the curb, I really started to think about what I want to do. What I don't want to do is feel tied to my sewing machine...which I never really was, since I avoided sewing so much.

007. Refinish director's chair
--->Ditched this project after it really fell apart on me
008. Refinish buffet
--->I just don't care about this. I don't want to keep it anymore.
021, 022, 024-028
--->All of this is old business stuff. Not doing it!
037. Visit Steph
--->Not friends anymore
044. Finish Quilt
052. Try out reselling business
--->It was a lot of work I wasn't interested in.

And finally, I want to get to the five items I want to accomplish in January. It's not a lot, I know, but it's enough. This will effectively crush my "Larry and Boo" section of the list, which will feel great. It's time to get it all behind me and move on. It feels like a weight, and I want to be out from under it.

019. Create line of dolls
020. Make hedgehog
039. Build website
092 & 093


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