Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Awesome Architecture : Emily and the Ladies

Earlier this fall, I had the pleasure of visiting Cincinnati to deliver a cat! Yes, I had a cat that was available for adoption and one of my Instagram besties decided to adopt him. She was willing to meet my halfway in Columbus, because Cincinnati is a 4-hour drive from my house, but I just couldn't. I needed to see the place where my cat was going. It's a policy I had. So Adam and I packed up one weekend and drove down to meet EmilySeeks!!


The best part of the entire visit was that she took us around her favorite neighborhood. After Little Arthur, the cat, was successfully delivered and happy in his new home, and after Adam and I spent one night at a local campground, we met up with Emily again to see the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood best known for Cincinnati's Painted Ladies.




What a glorious treat it was! Though it was fairly hot and VERY hilly, it was still awesome walking around and looking at all the beautiful houses with their fantastic paint jobs and choosing exactly which one we would want. There are enough houses to go around, so we didn't even have to fight over our faves! I loved a few tucked away at the top of a hill, with shady lots, and a walkway to a nearby park. The neighborhood is full of delicious views of Cincinnati and is really just totally glorious. If ever I live in Cincinnati, I think I'd want to live there!