Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Greys

We've been having a warm fall, which means I can layer up lightly and go out and not be totally bundled up! So basically, I kinda hate it. I LOVE hoodies. But whatever. This is an example of how I like to layer up for those in-between days...a flannel over a tank top. Paired with my FAVE pants (from Target, NOT slow fashion at all. This is a great outfit for being really durable, so I'm comfortable getting out and about, but it also doesn't make me feel like a schlub.




The flannel is from Adam's closet, printed at my old job. Size LG in men's, very comfy. The tank is from The Movement Factory. She gave it to me as a gift for doing some photography work. Very comfy, size XL in a ladies cut. Both of those items were free. The pants are men's XL from Target, $24.99. Draw string waist is super perfect for not digging in and not causing muffin top. The shoes are Skechers I stole from my mom! The bandanna is always in my back pocket because I get sweaty head really easily! And yes, it's very grey. I like grey a lot!




It was a divine day to head out to Silver Creek Metropark and hike all the trails. Adam had never been to the park, though Bella and I both had. It was perfectly warm and the sky was pretty and everything was fall and lovely!


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