Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fat Tuesdays : Too Warm

As I've definitely said, I don't think of myself as particularly fashionable. Maybe it's because leggings haven't made the rounds of haute couture or because of my own perceptions of what is consider fashionable. Maybe it's because I love yoga pants and leggings and t-shirts and I just never feel particularly fancy, which is what fashion means to me. No matter what my own thoughts on my own personal style is, this outfit is not even remotely fashionable. But I want to write about it because I wore it. Because this is reality. Because you could've seen me out on the trail in this ridiculous get up.


This is what happens when I go out on the trail in clothes that are too warm for what I'm doing. I think I'm going on a walk, but I'm really going on a moderate hike and so I start sweating and sweating and sweating. I had nothing to pull my hair back. I had a really warm sweatshirt on over top of a flannel over top of a t-shirt. Once the sweat starts dripping in my eyes, it's time to make a change. Solution : sweatshirt around the waist, t-shirt wrapped up around my head to prevent the sweat from dripping all over in the most annoying fashion ever.

I could've done this hike in only the t-shirt.


The t-shirt is from a local crafter and was $20 (size Lg in a women's cut); yoga pants were a gift from a friend (size 10, I think); the flannel is Adam's (size Lg, men's); the hoodie is a couple of years old and has been soaked in a bleach solution to remove some of the dirt over the years, no idea where it's from.


Oh but later, Bella got her own fancy outfit!!



  1. Fairy pups are my favorite kind of dogs.
    Also, function before fashion all the way. If I could wear a baseball cap every day, I would. And I do, pretty much, except at work. :D

    1. I need a reason for her to wear that more often!!