Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Goals

I had a delightful weekend, photographing the reception of Shorgle as well as a couple of maternity sessions. But it was so TIRING! I'm just trying to drag my ass up and out of bed right now...which I am delaying by writing this post.

It's now later and I went for a run, collected some items to put together a gift for a gift exchange, and am finishing this post before eating some ice cream and then gonna sew the fuck out of this stocking. And then, this week, I have so much going on. I have some awesome content I want to create, including shooting video, and another big idea/project that I'll announce on Friday. So many things and so much to do! It's EXCITING!!!



Run enough to do a 5-mile run
Do some yoga
Finish stocking
Commit some time to Turking
Organize and wrap all gifts
Clean up studio
Photograph stuffed animals
Create hedgehog and stegokitty patterns
Sew messenger bags
Edit and deliver all photo shoots
Trim lawn
Soak deer head
Deep clean bathrooms
Sweep bedroom
Create web copy and solidify web design
Organize external hard drive
Create weekly schedule
Find out that IRS bullshit

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