Monday, December 14, 2015


Do you ever just want to catch a break? Like, it feels like maybe life is going the way you want, and then something just fucking hits you? Maybe it's serious (like, literally, a car rear-ends you) or maybe it's just something smaller and annoying and inconvenient...but just, you know, DEAR LIFE, GIVE ME ONE FUCKING WEEK?!?! That's what I'm feeling right now. I feel like that's what I'm feeling often and constantly writing about. But maybe that's good?

A friend of mine worries that her personal struggles with depression and anxiety are a burden to her friends. BUT LIFE IS NOT A BURDEN. YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN. You are just real. I see it on Twitter with the people I follow who suffer from chronic illness. If your every day is bed ridden and chronic pain, then it's not annoying to talk about it. It's your every day.

So I should ditch my own insecurities with accomplishing just what I can and just keeping truckin' on!



Run enough to do a 5-mile run
Do some yoga
Commit some time to Turking
Organize and wrap all gifts
Finish cleaning studio
Photograph stuffed animals
Create hedgehog and stegokitty patterns
Sew messenger bags
Trim lawn
Soak deer head
Deep clean bathrooms
Sweep bedroom
Create web copy and solidify web design
Finish organizing hard drive
Create weekly schedule

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