Friday, December 18, 2015

Recent Work : Jen Boudoir

Today, I'm giving you a little Instagram sneak peek at a boudoir shoot I did a couple of months ago. Boudoir or fine art nudes is probably my most favorite kind of photography. My dream life is days filled with photographing beautiful humans and evenings filled with editing those photos. Which is why I'm really excited to tell you about this super cool site I found, Zivity.


I found out about Zivity because I was working with someone who wanted to join Suicide Girls. Suicide Girls is notorious for having a subscription service but never paying its models or photographers. I wasn't in it for the money, but there is a good argument there. Suicide Girls is also nearly impossible to break into, and we were having no luck, which is why I started looking for other options.

Zivity is a similar set up. It's a subscription service, but its pay scale is different. Every model and photographer has the opportunity to make money for the work they post. Every subscriber can vote on sets, and each vote costs one dollar. From every dollar, or every vote, the model receives $0.55 and the photographer receives $0.30. It doesn't sound like much, but there's potential to receive tons of votes and make money from them. (So far, I've seen a few sets reach over 500 votes, but most popular sets are somewhere in 150-250 range, which is an average of $60 per set that does well.) It'll take some work, of course, to build a following, but at least the potential for income is there.


Honestly, the pay is not something that matters to me. Right now, my "business model" is to envision shoots in my head and find a model who wants to do them. I have two models, Kendra and Paige, who work with me on the regular. They have both signed up for Zivity, and we're all kinda excited to get to publishing sets and see where it goes. I hope that I can connect with other models as well. I just want to make art and share it somewhere. Zivity recently created an alternate model of payment, a monthly subscription...above and beyond the voting system, anyone can subscribe to a model or photographer for any amount and pay monthly. This model has the potential for a steady income stream for the models and photographers. It's interesting, and I'll definitely set it up on my profile.


As I said, though, money is not my main motivator here. What I'm most excited about is sharing my art. My first set goes live today at 5p. So you can head over and sign up and then follow me!

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