Friday, January 1, 2016

Painting Party : Omaha

I usually reserve Fridays to write about my recent work...none of which do I have queued up right now. So I decided to throw in this old post from visiting Omaha last summer. Technically, it contains my recent work, since I did a painting! (And so did Kinsey.)

Kinsey loves this place and loves making paintings and wanted to take me. I did NOT give two shits about painting a big flower, so I decided to paint a landscape of Iowa that I had taken on IG on the drive out. I was really, really pleased with my painting...but I was bummed that doing my own thing and having some painting skills seemed to intimidate the ladies around me. I was giving them tips, because some of them seemed real stressed and they became very self-deprecating about their own work. Like, WHY?!?! Why are we like this!!!?? Ladies, just have some self-confidence!


What I thought was really interesting is how much the teachers talked to us like we were in kindergarten. They moved very quickly and there was no time for one-on-one interaction. I recognize that in a class of 40 people, with only an hour or so to paint, you gotta keep shit moving. But I think that's what I didn't like about it. I've taught art, and I would not enjoy doing it if I couldn't talk to the people who were struggling and needed to understand that their artistic choices are totally valid. But this class was just blowing through all the steps to make a flower, with very little talk about doing whatever you want. Some flowers were blue, and the teacher didn't even say little things like, "If you want a yellow flower, now is the time to get the yellow paint, but if you want a different colored flower, go ahead and do that, the techniques will work the same with other colors." It was kind of a bummer.


Related to that, when I was done, there wasn't much talk about what I had done and if the teacher liked it. I knew I was sort of breaking an unwritten rule, but we paid the same amount of money to be there as everyone else! I think it should be encouraged to do your own thing. I didn't require any help from the teacher at all, did the entire thing on my own without dragging down the class, so a little bit of commentary would've been nice. But no one really got that anyway. Once we were done, they were really trying to kick us out...though the teacher did say she liked my background.


It was a fun event, despite the little things I didn't like. It was fun working with Kinsey and seeing her make her painting. She has some good painting skills. It was nice meeting other ladies too. I'd do something like this again, if I were in Omaha, but in Akron, I'd go with SmART Studio ALL THE WAY. In fact, I'm still considering doing that for my birthday this month. I'm considering having a Frida Kahlo painting party. I haven't decided, but I guess if I want it to happen, I'd better plan that shit!


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