Friday, January 8, 2016

Recent Work : The Movement Project

I'm working on a new series of photography involving various types of movement. I'm inspired by tossed hair and floating fabric. You can see my own series of self-portraits in my latest Fat Tuesdays Post. Right now, I'm collecting models and wardrobe and locations and creating the shoots. The next phase is the long process of turning them into multi-media paintings. I want to print the photographs, some of which I'll frame and sell as photos. The rest will become paintings using collaging techniques. Once I'm finished painting the background, I'll cut the subject out of the original photograph and glue that to the painting and use various paints or pastels to highlight some parts of the subject. When I'm done, I'll seal it with glossy sealant or maybe even resin. I'm not sure. I hope to create a series for a gallery show. But right now, I'm just excited to have an idea and be creating art on the regular! First up : Jordan. I envisioned her shiny blonde hair reflecting the light of the sun, but we had a cloudy day...and I'm still pretty pleased. Her hair glows anyway!









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  1. All these are very well done shot, I can see the talent and direction worked pretty well here :)