Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekly Goals

This is going to be a goal-filled week! Assuming I can remember everything I've been thinking over the weekend that I neglected to take note of in my phone. I LOVE New Year's. It's my favorite. It's followed by my favorite month and it's a spiritual time for me. Can I make change at other times of the year? Absolutely, and I do. But I find that New Year's, followed by my birth month, is just a really great time for me to reconsider what has happened and think about what I want to happen. 2015 was uncertain for me. There was a lot of waiting and hoping and getting pissed off and fighting to change things and a lot of hard work. 2016 has promise of a little bit more waiting and then sweet, sweet resolution. There are things I'm looking forward to, and I don't even want to talk about them because I don't want to jinx myself.

I'm gonna start my week of ALL THE GOALS with the usual weekly goals. Since I updated my 101 Things last week, I don't have to address them this week. I'm going back another week to check on my goals and here's what I'll do this week! :


Goals for this week :

Run every day
Do some yoga
Make stegokitty and hedgehog
Order webbing for messenger bags
Turn in college paperwork
Collect canvasses for cats and for birthday party
Buy both domains and set up both websites for me and for Larry and Boo
Apply to jobs
Revamp LinkedIn, resume, and social media portfolio
Write and submit first article
Vacuum bedroom
Clean broom
Seal deer skull with modpodge
Begin collecting supplies for birthday party

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