Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Goals

I'm feeling very down today. I think I'm recovering from last week. Birthday party plus a weekend of housework is very draining. But I have to finish at least a couple of things that keep popping up on this list. So that's my goal for this week is to get on with these few items, because this shit is dragging on!

I have ideas and things in the works, but I feel like I can't really focus on new shit until all this old crap is done. I gotta use this last week to accomplish stuff and gear up for February!


Goals for this week :

Run every day
Catch up on some miles for the 1000 mile challenge
Do some yoga
Make stegokitty and hedgehog
Lay out material and notions for diaper covers, begin sewing
Revamp LinkedIn, resume, and social media portfolio
Seal deer skull with Mod Podge
Fill out and mail app for Put-in-Bay
--->other things happened
Package and address all packages

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