Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fat Tuesdays : Fat Shaming

I recently received a message request on Facebook. Usually these come from a friend of a friend, looking for a photographer. But this was a special kind of hate. The kind that calls me gross and says my blog is awful. It ended with, "keep up the bad work." Since he specifically mentioned my nude self-portraits being gross, I think it's a perfect time to show my latest shoot.


In January, Adam and I headed out to NWOhio for friends and family visiting. Because I'm running every day, I had planned on running at a couple locations on the Marblehead Peninsula. One of those was East Harbor State Park, which has a section along the Lake. After running, we drove down to the lake and it was just so beautiful. So we headed back at the end of our visit, because I just knew I wanted to do some nude selfies on the Lake. It's not the first time I've gotten naked on Lake Erie.


The park was so crowded. Apparently, it was ice fishing day. But we found a spot on the beach with a great wind break and mostly empty...except for one redneck who was as in awe of the ice formations as I was. He was hanging around, taking photos, commenting on the beauty, until I informed him of my plans to do a nude shoot. He just said, "NOPE!" and walked away.


Because of the crowd, there wasn't much time to do the shoot. Also, since I was standing on ice, my feet became very cold very quickly. But in the end, I really like what I captured. The colors are amazing...that sky and the ice. I love it. And as for being gross...I guess anyone who feels that way can close the fucking window, right? Now that I'm out in the desert, I'm looking forward to doing a couple of selfie shoots out here.