Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fat Tuesdays : Plank

I've really been trying to do more yoga. I have this awesome DVD from Runners Love Yoga, and I cannot finish the entire hour. It's a bummer. So I've been trying to work on plank because I am week in the plank. I took these photos because I was dressed and doing plank.


I noticed that my shoulders are a little rounded because I AM A SLOUCHER! I went down in the bathroom and checked it out and I am such a sloucher. Maybe it's my boobs? I've always heard big jugs can cause slouch, but I figured that meant HUGE jugs, no?


So now, I make sure to pull my shoulders back when I'm in plank and I've picked up a few new moves to help with my posture. So now, I'm trying to do plank or something almost every day. I'm hit or miss with it. I really want/need more yoga in my life.


Leggings; Victoria's Secret Knockout in Size XL : Shirt; vintage Romania sailor shirt from Adam! (He said it looked better on me so I could keep it.) I love this shirt. It's warmer and so perfect. : Socks; Runner's Love Yoga, they are really great for running in hot weather and a good extra thin layer when I need to double up in the cold!

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