Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Goals

LITERALLY, did nothing. I mean, I ran and did some yoga and started college which meant the job application was unnecessary. But everything else? lol, nope. Also, I did recalculate my #1000mileschallenge, and I'm not as behind as I thought. So, there's that!

This week, I HAVE to do stuff because I'm leaving for a month next week. So I'm gonna get on that shit, I SWEAR!


Goals for this week :

Run every day
Catch up on some miles for the 1000 mile challenge
Do some yoga
Make stegokitty and hedgehog
Lay out material and notions for diaper covers, begin sewing
Revamp LinkedIn, resume, and social media portfolio
Seal deer skull with Mod Podge
--->I have to wait until summer because of some of the hide still being on.
Package and address all packages

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