Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Monday Goals

Still in Tucson! Last week, I sort of did my list pretty well. I was stuck without a math text book and trying to do a set of problems with no instruction. I was fucked. So I didn't do my math homework, which is a bummer, and I'm hoping doing it late is gonna work out for me. I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm also excited that my friend is back in town and we're doing tons of house stuff. It's gonna be fun!! So I have to stick to the list and make shit happen, because it's not my lazy ass life at stake!


Goals for this week :

Run every day
Do some yoga
Catch up on math work
Begin KonMari of garage contents
Begin (maybe finish) spray painting
Plan curtains for closets
Figure out interior painting situation
Be chart cheerleader!!!
List dishwasher online
Set up guest bath
Empty out hall closet and guest bedroom closet in order to KonMari contents
Write and submit first post to The Social Studio

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