Monday, February 29, 2016

The Mondays!

Have you noticed that I kind of love Mondays? I actually start thinking about them all day Sunday and sometimes on Saturday. I usually quadruple check my previous list on Saturday, see what I can pull out before the weekend is over. And then I start planning my upcoming list. I get all giddy about whatever it is I really want to do, and I try not to feel too bummed about what I didn't do. The internet starts spewing bullshit, which bugs me, because I love Mondays.

Today is a special Monday, because I ran a Virtual 10K Race! My friend here in Tucson dropped me off at a neighborhood near her work that has a nice, long, multi-use path and shady neighborhood streets and enough space for me to get in my 10K...which turned out to be 7.71 miles. I took it easy-ish, using a run/walk plan and I managed 30seconds/mile better than my most recent race time. It was fun and exciting and I'm basically feeling all kinda good from it. So now, THE WEEK!


Goals for this week :

Run every day
Do some yoga
Stay on top of math
Do one extra credit journal for math
Get on that KonMari!!!
Finish patio table and begin painting front porch set
Plan curtains for closets
Figure out interior painting situation
Buy paint for guest bedroom and both bathrooms
List dishwasher AND clothes online
Set up guest bath
Write and submit first post to The Social Studio

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