Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fat Tuesdays : Desert Selfie

Shout out to my friend, Christen for completely the Leap Day Virtual Race with me! She didn't register until the day of, but she was out there, covering the miles for the 5K. AWESOME!!! It's really fun to inspire my friends to get out and do fun stuff too!


This week, I'm featuring a little mix of Cleveland and Tucson (ish). I hit up a Target the first night here and grabbed a bathing suit top, leggings, and sandals. Not slow at all, but fuck it. I just want clothes that fit, you know? The tee is local to Cleveland.


Out here, these leggings are pretty great. I love the purple, but the texture of the leggings is not shiny and smooth. It's a little more clingy fabric and I'm afraid it's going to collect all the dust and cat hair when I get home. The sandals are super simple and I love them.


Everything is comfy. The leggings are XL by Champion and the tee is a L. Comfy and easy, which is exactly what I'm going for now. I feel very confident and comfortable in these. I can do anything active, bust out some yoga, move furniture, build some shelves, lift crap, take a nap, or not be so fucking active. So I'm pretty much in love and happy with them. And the views for these selfies are GREAT!


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