Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fat Tuesdays : First Bra

I was hanging around Instagram the other day and found a link to a blog post about first bra stories. I found the post interesting and disturbing. Perhaps it's normal to have no clue about when you were first trussed up, but that seemed strange to me. And the story about the father insisting nipples needed covering? Ugh. Very similar to my own, actually.

I was in middle school and I was very active and also very full of puberty and curves. I believe my mom (or maybe my mom and I) were told that my boobs were basically too big to be flopping around all unbound and also it was distracting to boys.

And thus, the policing of my body began.


As for today's outfit : purple patterns. I love me some patterns. I don't actually love purple, though I look good in it. But I found this tee at Target, to go with my Walmart leggings, and oh yes! Happy patterns all day long. Now, I know I said I wanted to have a more ethical wardrobe, and I do. But until I can afford to search out $70 t-shirts, I'm just gonna stick with the basics. These Danskin leggings I bought at Walmart because of the pattern and they turned out to have the best fit of all my leggings. They are cheap, and I know that's because they are made by starving and abused kids in China, but I can afford them and can afford to replace them when I wear through the seams. So that is basically where I'm at. Size XL for the shirt and XL for the leggings.


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