Wednesday, March 9, 2016

International Women's Day

So apparently, tomorrow was "International Women's Day," and I was among the very few who wasn't excited about it.

I just, don't know. I mean, honestly. I can't figure out why anyone would be excited about this day. It's not even a month that other minority groups receive and it's not even a bank holiday! What is the point of it? So the world can say, "Oh, it's cool, we recognized them for that one day, now back to inequality and discrimination!"

Did yesterday finally enlightened all the men to stop being fucking assholes about reproductive rights, as if they should have a voice in the matter? Did yesterday end domestic violence? Did yesterday banish the shame rape victims feel? Were women all suddenly given a pay raise equal to what their male counterparts make?

Nope. None of that happened.

And for that matter, has Black History Month ever solved any of the equality problems for blacks? Has Native American Month or Asian-Pacific Islander Month ever done anything for those minorities? Did you even know they had their own months.

Nope and I doubt it.

So fuck International Women's Day. I want fucking equality, not some stupid day and a hashtag on Twitter.

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