Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Goals

I'm posting something I don't usually post here, a video of my doing some yoga. The main reason is to share with my friend, Christen. She's started running and I've suggested incorporating yoga. This flow is part of a monthly challenge on Instagram from runnersloveyoga. It's a good account and a good flow, with some additions I don't normally do. I also want to remember it and work on it, because there is definitely some balancing involved. You can see how I stumble with that! I'm not perfect yet, and this was for a quick video, but I like this flow a lot. It's a great one for when I'm out on the trail, since I don't have to put any weight on anything other than my feet.


It's been a while since my to do list was my own stuff. I looked back at what I had to do and didn't find much left over. I'm sure, after a week in my house, I'll find a bunch of crap to add on. I've got to finish whatever the fuck I have to do before the middle of April, since I've got a summer job on Put-in-Bay. Mostly, this week is all about catching up on math. I'm so behind and I feel like it's killing me, but I gotta get it done!

Make stegokitty
Sew dolls
Finish math
Catch up on math
Do math journals
Run every day
Do some yoga


  1. Thanks! This is very helpful!! I'm going to try it later.

    1. Yeah! But feel free to break it down on the daily like she does in the challenge.