Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review : Bar 145

Y'all, I am so, so, so behind the times on this post! I mean, you can see that my hair is short and totally pink in the post which definitely dates the photos. I don't know what has taken me so long to get this review up here, but I HAVE to tell you about Bar 145 in Norwalk, Oh.

I really don't remember how we found this place. There are several of them in Ohio, and they have a pretty good reputation. I think we were just looking for a place to eat and stumbled in on this joint.

I believe they call themselves a gastro pub, which I think is hipster speak for "good fucking food". I know that it means the food is fancier than most, which things like "duck confit" appearing on the menu. It also means it's a little bit more expensive than your average pub/casual dining place. But trust me, it's totally fucking worth the cost!

We started with an "appetizer" of flat bread and it was way big enough to be an entire meal. Adam had the poutine and I had the monthly burger special with a side of fancy macaroni and cheese. The pictures I'm showing are from our first visit there, where I managed to befriend the waitress who helped us and the management who gave me a free appetizer. Adam was sort of impressed at my ability to befriend everyone and get free food (something that has happened more than once for us). I was just fucking bowled over by the amazing food. Every little piece of it thought out and delicious, but somehow lacking the pretension I've experienced in other places.

As I've said we've visited the restaurant since our first time. We even call it, "our place". Every time, we've loved the food and the service. (Although, no one ever compares to our first server, Jen.) It's so weird for such a fancy place to be in such a small town like Norwalk. But it totally works. They have regular live music, including karaoke backed by a live band...which I really want to do one day! They always have a burger special and I think a drink special. The service has never been bad and the food has always been good. It isn't cheap, so we can't go all the time, but it is absolutely worth getting a little spendy. Oh, and since the are a gastro "PUB," they have good fucking beer too. Lots of different kinds of beer.

The desert is also amazing. I can't really say one negative thing about the place. Honestly, every time I've visited, I'm just always kinda surprised that they manage to be fantastic every single time. If you're ever up in the area, it's definitely worth a trip. Maybe if you're heading to Sandusky to visit Cedar Point, you could drop by Norwalk before heading home. I know there are other locations, so if there's a Bar 145 in your area, it's probably worth checking out. Especially if you like to try new things, I guarantee there will be menu items you've never eaten before. If the menu is a bit out of your price range, it's definitely a fantastic location for a special event, like a birthday dinner. I really feel like you won't be disappointed.

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