Monday, April 4, 2016

101 Things Update

Last week was exhilarating and exhausting. Haters, y'all. You know the kind that have absolutely no valid reasons for hate? Just baseless fucking hate. So tiring. BUT, I finished my first 9-week session of my last college and I'm so happy! I've been totally busting my ass in Statistics, and I was so totally convinced I would tank the final, but I didn't! Hard work, lots of studying, and a little extra credit have put me in an A for the class and I earned that fucker! Also, English too. I'm less happy with my grade there, where hard work matters less than following every tiny section of thousands of rubrics. Ugh. But I still have the GPA I want, so it's all fine and done and this week I have no school, which means I can do TONS of work!!! So I've got a 101 Things Update and my to do list for the week!


My last 101 Things Update was for January, and so I'm a big fucking slacker. But, even though I didn't stay on top of checking in on it, I did manage to complete a couple of things...and make headway on a couple. I also have my goals set up for April, so yay!!

Completed (ish) Items
020. Make hedgehog
059. Get second camera tattoo
060. Pay off credit cards
--->This one isn't finished, but I've been working on it. I closed two credit cards because of shitty policies and I'm up to date on all of them. I'm working at Put-in-Bay this summer, and that money is going to go towards financial goals!!!
069. Run one more marathon
--->I haven't run the marathon yet, but I've decided to sign up for the Baltimore Marathon. That means I really, really, really have to train this summer! (I'd also like to run a third marathon next spring or fall, just to keep the momentum going and finish my goal of running three marathons...and then train for an ultra!!!)

Goals for April
019. Create line of dolls
--->This is done. I just have to sew them!
039. Build website
--->This might be a May thing, not sure.
040. Submit to three blogs (maybe)
--->This was for photography, but I might submit a blog post I wrote to two other online publications...since I already submitted it to Huffington Post a few weeks ago and have heard no reply. I can submit to other publications now. It's not building my photography business, but it is getting myself out there and trying new things.
Two Private Items


This week, I really want to make a massive list and actually STICK TO IT! Which means doing more than I did today...but I can do it!

Run every day
Run ten miles
Do some yoga
Do the Runners Love Yoga DVD all the way through at least once
Set up sewing area
Sew the rest of the messenger bags
Organize dolls for sewing
Paint Jen's cats
Collect everything to paint Narissa's animals
(Start Narissa's animals)
Clean up studio
Clean bedroom
Make Half-Price Books run
Finalize wedding ceremony

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