Thursday, April 21, 2016

DIY : Mix Your Own Paint

Have you ever watched a DIY show where they mix their own paint and just thought that it was possibly the most terrifying idea ever? I mean, what if you make an ugly color? What if you fuck it all up and don't have any paint to replace what you made? What if you blow all your money on this awful experiment and have an ugly room? I felt that way, until I totally mixed my own paint!


What had happened was...I was at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and they had a bunch of quarts of paint on sale for super cheap. They were white, pearl finish, and I just bought them. They sat on my porch for a while. Then mom bought some tints used for soap making and I dumped all the paint and the blue tint in a bucket, mixed it up, and put a swatch on my wall. It was super ugly and real light. So I went down in the basement and took this crazy turquoise color and slowly added it to my white paint, mixing all the while...and I came up with a really beautiful color and went for it!



It's a little nerve wracking, because that paint is gone. If I had been smart, I would've saved a little bit of the paint right when I was done painting, so I could have it for touch ups. I've put nails in the walls, and I'm worried about spackling them and repainting. I can't do that, since I didn't save any. So if you try this fun experiment, especially if it can save you money like it did me, then DEFINITELY save some paint!!!

Oh and that grey on my ceiling...I added glitter to it! It's basically awesome. But I learned a valuable lesson there : never buy the cheapest roller. The coverage was awful. Other than that, my foray into mixing my own paint, which saved tons of money, and adding glitter to paint...all awesome and fun. My bedroom is fabulous!


  1. LOVE! I can't wait till we have a place we can paint and stay in...

    In art school we had to buy our basic colors and mix everything. After doing it a few times it starts getting super easy!

    1. It was way easier than I thought! I have no idea why I was so afraid. I'll probably do more of this in the future. Just have to remember to save some!