Monday, April 11, 2016


School is back in session and I have a raging UTI! Well, maybe "raging" is a bad descriptor. I started a book last night that is so poorly written as to be just astonishing to me. It's about a series of murders in Mansfield, OH way back whenever. The back blurb reads "savagely murdered" and I just thought, "OH PLEASE! Melodrama much?" It's true, we're an extremely melodramatic culture. My UTI is causing painful urination, so nice, right? But that's it. Plus, I have antibiotics, so I'm sure it'll start to feel better in a couple days. Meanwhile, school has started and just fucking UGH. Hoops! All the hoops to jump through!


I definitely started sewing last week, though not on the dolls listed in my 101 Things. I broke a needle and so that put a halt to things. I also didn't spend as many days working as I could've. So I hope to finish the large messenger bags this week and maybe start on something else! I've got to do something. I did some things on the list but basically ditched all the big ones because...fucking life and emotions and whatever. Oh well, there's always this week!

Run every day
Accomplish distance goal
Do some yoga
Do the Runners Love Yoga DVD all the way through at least once
Sew the rest of the LARGE messenger bags
Paint Jen's cats
Collect everything to paint Narissa's animals
(Start Narissa's animals)
Clean bedroom
Finalize wedding ceremony

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