Friday, April 1, 2016

Recent Work : Desert Frolic

My trip to the desert was not what I expected it to be. I wasn't able to do a lot of the things I wanted to do and the very end of the trip was emotionally trying. Sometimes, life is like that. You know, like you have an idea of what's going down and then it changes and maybe you don't handle it the best? I'm certainly not ever gonna deny that my emotions can get the better of me. Despite those disappointments, I did manage some desert frolicking. The first was with a friend shooting with my DSLR and the second, which I'm showing here today, is from my iPhone.

On my last day in the desert, my camera and my iPhone and a footstool and I went for a little hike up a dry wash to play around. I could've used my DSLR for all of these, and the quality would've been better, but my DSLR requires me to know exactly when it's going to shoot from the self-timer. My iPhone shoots in a burst of ten. And these are lower quality because I took those iPhone photos and stretched and edited them through Instagram. Although, I'm still really pleased with the results and they have served the purpose of getting my creative outlet back on.

I tried some new tossing and throwing of sand, because I'm so interested in motion...and also playing with some of the natural things around, and I definitely need to do more of that.

It looks like I am doing my Naked States project again, and I can check off both Ohio and Arizona!!






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