Friday, April 15, 2016

Recent Work : Mesquite

Full nudes ahead!

When I was in Tucson, I had two goals : visit Mexico and naked frolic. I had SO MANY IDEAS for naked frolics, involving desert plants. Most of those didn't come to fruition. On the first real day of adventuring, we headed down to Mexico with the plan to stop for a nude self-portrait session on our way. We hit up Patagonia Lake State Park which was SO CROWDED that it was totally inaccessible for naked fun. I was pretty bummed, because you could see Nogales down the hill and just nowhere on the drive really spoke to me or was accessible. But on the way out, we noticed that the state park is attached to a nature preserve. We did a quick U-turn and pulled into the nature preserve. Before driving too far down a gravel road that was right on the side of a mountain, we pulled over by an old cattle corral...specifically marked for private use. There were mountains, there was sky, there was an ocotillo and a big mesquite. I tried some things, with a tank top and swimsuit bottom and some yoga poses, and I don't really love any of them. So I'm featuring here the final shots where I climbed up into the mesquite, totally naked, and played around. I wish I felt more satisfied with the results, but I think I'm just bummed that I wasn't able to really fulfill my vision involving a saguaro. Nevertheless, I think these are good photos! Also, yes, there is full frontal and boobies here. If naked bodies scare you, proceed at your own risk.










  1. These are great! I think the third is my favorite.

    1. Thanks! Interesting...I love knowing what others love. I think this was a pretty decent shoot.