Monday, April 18, 2016

This week...

I feel fairly decent about last week's list. I still haven't been able to do the entire Runner's Love Yoga DVD, but I have been doing more yoga outside, after runs. Today, I had a glorious yoga session after my run. It was in front of a waterfall and it was fucking glorious! But I'd still like to do the RLY DVD, just to brush up on poses and whatnot. I haven't gotten around to painting like I said I would, but I finished all the large messenger bags and am on track to finish the small ones. So I'm killing it in that regards. I'm going to focus this week on painting. If I really focus a few days on painting, I'll be able to knock out all the paintings...and then I just have to sew two skirts that I hope will work for my uniform this summer. So, basically, still working!! But I'm dedicated and motivated, so I'm going with it.

Run every day
Accomplish distance goal
Do some yoga
Do the Runners Love Yoga DVD all the way through at least once
Sew the rest of the messenger bags
Paint Jen's cats
Collect everything to paint Narissa's animals
Start Narissa's animals
Clean bedroom
Finalize wedding ceremony
Sew skirts


  1. That's a lot done though. You should get some waterfall yoga photos!

    1. Girl, that is an excellent idea. I'm gonna have to find a waterfall!!