Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Alternative to Framing

Let me tell you all about how I ordered some things that would be delivered to work, which they were. And one package was put behind the front desk and NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT IT. So TWELVE DAYS passed and I was calling the freight dock and checking the tracking and finally went into the Post Office where they were like, "See, your boss signed for it and took it with her?" And then I came back to work and I found out that the package was sitting there, minding its business, waiting for me. So then I stopped freaking out...except maybe a little more freaking out is deserved because NEW RUNNING SHOES!!!!!. The end.

A long ass time ago, I discovered Adam had these awesome posters from Romania, framed up all wrong. You see, they are a different size from U.S. posters because metric system. So he had them in frames with space around them. This would not do. I took them to a large, chain, craft store to see about framing and it would've been HUNDREDS of dollars! Maybe that's ok with your budget, but not mine. So I decided to use scrapbooking adhesives and foam board to non-frame them. Total cost : under $20. They look awesome. Here's how I did it :




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