Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Goals

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts last week. I'm pretty bummed about it. The WiFi where I'm staying is awful and there aren't a lot of businesses open where I can go to the WiFi. Ugh. But I've got a plan to be more on top of it this week. I want to remain consistent through the summer, so it's just about figuring out a plan.

I managed to accomplish a few things, but not everything. Part of that was weather and part of that was that my Saturday was taken up with getting off the island, going to urgent care (no big deal, promise), and getting in some shopping. But I have the next two days off and some very specific goals for those days. I have a plan. I know when things are open. I think I can get everything done I want to accomplish!


Monday Goals
Run every day
Do some yoga
Paint Narissa's paintings
Do all homework at library
Do blog posts
Begin sewing
Go on some bike rides

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