Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Goals

I did pretty well this past week on all my goals. I conquered almost every one of them, except sewing. This week, I have three days off and I hope to set up my sewing machine so I'm encouraged to start sewing. But I also really need some stuffing. I'm gonna have to see if mom can bring me some in a couple of weeks when she comes to visit!

This week was rough. I switched to 12a-8a shifts but my body didn't. I don't know why, either. I fucking love third shift. The major bummer is that I don't have any sort of living room, so I can't go hide out on the couch and watch movies or whatever to try to fall asleep. I have folding chairs and half of a double bed. So if I move around a lot, I wake Adam. I'm considering getting some sweet action going on my bedroom floor, so that I have the freedom to toss and turn and watch movies and read and whatever, without bugging Adam. I should just go down to the state park with a sleeping bag and crash on the grass! It's been a bit rough.

I still don't have a ton of goals, though I need to update my 101 Things list this week. I am slowly working through organizing my music collection (deleting a bunch of stuff) and organizing my hard drives. But I don't want to upgrade them to list status yet!


This Week's Goals
Run every day
Hit my mileage goal
Do some yoga
Maintain new IG for yoga
Go on some bike rides
Do a massive amount of sewing on Wednesday
Get internet shit together because Netflix marathons

Unrelated : I'm so fucking tired of people saying stuff like, "I'm sorry this offended you." First of all, no you're not. Clearly. Secondly, take some fucking responsibility for the shit you say and the shit you post. Stop acting like someone having a different opinion or point of view means they have a fucking problem. Instead, think about what the fuck you say and work harder to recognize when you're not adding necessary contributions...or at least just own the fact that you don't give a fuck and you say and do what you want with no concern to anything other than your own desires.

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