Monday, May 16, 2016

Post-Wedding Goals

Wedding weekend is OVER!!! Hooray! I'm feeling very, very, very tired from going non-stop since Thursday. Adam and I are heading back to the island today, after we pack and run some errands. Still go, go, going. And in all of this time, we haven't really had much alone time. I think this past weekend is one of the busiest of my entire life.

But you should know that, in the end, I did enjoy the wedding. I managed to complete everything in enough time not to feel like I was crazy running around. I was able to cook a lot of really good food full of things that are good for my friends with dietary limitations and I know they enjoyed my food. I also had a super fun dance party following our ceremony. I was not able to do any yoga last week and running was just squeezed in with everything else. I really, really, really want to do a big yoga session at some point this week. I want to take a lot of time and really work through some poses and work out some soreness. I'm also gearing up for another big run. I've got a ten-miler this week, so I'm happy to get back to focusing on running.

I did have a lot of fun this past weekend...but it was a lot of work and a lot of extroverted activities that I'm glad are over. I'm ready to take a break and to get some downtime with Adam and get back into working away this summer.


This Week's Goals
Run every day
Hit my mileage goal
Do some yoga
Go on some bike rides
Get to work on sewing
Hang out with Kelso
Figure out the situation with the bookshelf
Watch a couple of movies with Adam
Do my schoolwork


  1. Go you for getting everything done. Weddings are no joke. If anyone could pull all of that off, it's you.

    1. Thanks girl! It was a LOT, but it's done now!