Friday, May 6, 2016

Recent Work : The Stairs

As the spring wound down and headed into my summer on the island, I was trying to cram in some shoots with my fave models. Kendra and I hit up the thrift store a while ago. We picked up several flowy things. Some with a specific thought in mind, some without. I also inherited some slips from my friend, Narissa, while I was visiting her in Tucson. Again, some with vague ideas, some without. Just collecting things. So as the weather warmed up...even I don't try to force anyone out in the cold!...I began to ponder the clothes I had collected and to think of Kendra.

Mom and I knew of a show in Canton; a sort of farmer's market or "flea" as they call them. So we checked it out to see if we'd want to sign up. Afterword, she and I drove around. Canton, Ohio has some delicious old industrial buildings that are empty or rarely in use. I've done shoots down there before. With visions of Kendra and Paige in my mind, we drove around some blocks and I made some notes on my phone. A few days later, Kendra and I headed down and found this gorgeous little green door at the top of a small set of stairs surrounded in white walls. Kendra was wearing black and had her red hair and it was all very magical. We put on some music and I let Kendra move, with occasional direction. So here is a little glimpse of what we captured...






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