Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wedding shit

I have no idea when I wrote the following rant. But I just found it in my drafts and thought it was pretty fucking funny. Clearly, I was pissed about some idiot comment from someone. I am not currently feeling these feelings, just laughing at what I wrote. Adam also laughed when I showed him this. So happy Thursday everyone! My wedding is a little over a week away, so here's an old rant.

As much as I want to agree that it's not only about me, I'm also just tired of hearing about how it's about everyone else. It's all my fucking money and for my fucking vows, so yes, it's about me.


  1. lol!!! your posts always get a smile out a me :) omg are you nervous!! excited!!! ?? can't wait to see pictures, i know you'll look beautiful!

    1. Thanks girl! You know I'll write a blog post...or seven!!!