Monday, May 9, 2016

Wedding Week

I'm getting married this week!!!! HORAY!!!! <---That was sarcasm. I still don't really care. I mean, I'm excited to see some of my friends, but it's still a big party and a lot of work. Maybe I'll feel differently later. Meh. Whatever. In light of that, I need to keep my list pretty small this week. I'll be back home for several days, entertaining out of town guests and trying to catch up with friends back home, so I won't have as much time to do other stuff. I did really well with last week's list and I just want to carry that momentum through!


Monday Goals
Run every day
Do some yoga
FINISH Narissa's paintings
Keep up with blog posts
Begin sewing
Go on some bike rides
Finish Wedding Crap
Have a wedding

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