Wednesday, June 1, 2016

101 Things Update

Am I supposed to be updating this monthly? I can't remember. I suppose I shouldn't fret about it, should I? As of my last update, I haven't gotten much done. It makes me wonder if trying to set monthly goals is really the best way to go about it. I definitely like checking in monthly, and I like writing about this list monthly or every-other-month, for sure. But anyway, enough rambling about the thoughts I ponder while I'm putting together this update. I am happy to say that I've completed as much by this time as I have for the entirety of any other list. This makes me feel motivated to add more to the list and make things happen! Like, I wasn't going to put items 56 and 67 on the "next up" section of this update, but then I realized...I'm living on an island with a huge fishing business and several kayak agencies. So I should do those things this summer! That's why I've also included a "looking into" section. These are things that I have to consider, to remember, to plan for...and so I am!

Ok, I'll confess; one of my private items was to marry Adam!


020. Make Hedgehog
059. Get second camera tattoo
Private Item


040. Submit to three blogs (maybe)
--->This started for photography, as I pondered rebuilding my business. I'm not really sure what I'm doing with that, but I did have a guest post featured on The Young Hopeful and I do want to write more, so that's maybe where this item is headed!
060. Pay off credit cards
--->I'm really working hard at this one, setting aside other fun things so that I can get my small amount of credit card debt GONE! AND, I have closed most of my accounts too!
069. Run one more marathon
--->SIGNED UP! I'm training so hard and running so much more than I have in the past. I feel so good about this.
072. Grow hair out
--->I kinda have to remind myself that I'm doing this. I have wanted really long hair for a while, and so I'm NOT cutting my hair! Once I've enjoyed really long hair for some time, I will donate it!

Finally finished the hedgehog!!!


041. Do shoot with Heather
--->Honestly, she just ghosted me in January or February.


029. See Lake Superior
030. Travel to remaining five states
031. Travel to one new foreign country
045. Finish Renaissance Costume
046. Attend another Renaissance Festival
047. Attend another Comic-Con
048. Attend a tattoo convention
057. Ride a horse
--->I'm looking into riding a horse in Vermont or North Dakota, to take care of visiting some states I haven't seen!

IMG_9128 I love this tattoo and this sleeve so much!!!


015. Redo landscaping around house
--->I started work on this last year and it looks good, but I have a bit more to do.
019. Create line of dolls
--->I just set up my sewing machine this morning, so this is happening!
039. Build website
--->Honestly, still unsure on this. I have a lot of thinking to do.
056. Go fishing
067. Go kayaking

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