Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Food Review : Great Lakes Brewery

I have a pile of old posts lying down in the bottom of my drafts, and I really need to get on publishing them!

So here is a review of the Great Lakes Brewery in Ohio City in Cleveland. It's a neighborhood staple and I have loved their beers FOREVER. Adam and I decided to head up there for a date, forever ago. I don't know why I'd never been. I know it was on my radar, in the back of my mind, something I really wanted to try. I just never quite made it. We were out on a weekend night and it was BUSY! But the service was great, the beer was amazing, and the food was so good!

Even the dessert was really good, which I've found is hard to do. There are a LOT of pre-made desserts that just aren't good (especially sweet key lime pies). I LOVE dessert, like LOVE it, and so when I order it, I want it to be good. Great Lakes fucking delivers!

Now, would I put this on my list of Cleveland must-do? NOPE. This place is really good and I advise anyone living in the area to check it out, but there are other places in Cleveland that are more part of the culture of Cleveland, and most of those places serve Great Lakes beer. If you live in the area, definitely put this on your list of restaurants to check out, but if you're just visiting, don't worry about it. You can get even better food elsewhere in Cleveland and Great Lakes beer literally everywhere.

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