Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Cavs Champion-Bullshit

Something has been pissing me off recently. It's all the hoopla over the Cavs Championship Win. The problem is the press. They keep saying it's the first Championship for Cleveland in 52 years. That's a damn lie.

**In the same month, the Lake Erie Monsters won the Calder Cup. Do you know what the Lake Erie Monsters are? A professional hockey team.

**Before that, the Cleveland Indians won the American League Championship two times in the 1995 and 1997.

**And while that was happening, the Cleveland Crunch was busy winning three national titles in the 90s.

So despite the Lake Erie Monsters winning, the Cavs are somehow the belles of the ball, complete with a parade and just totally ignoring our hockey team.

Meanwhile, LeBron has hit celebrity status and everyone just forgets that he was once a total asshole who was stripped of his playing privileges, effectively screwing over his high school team. Also, does everyone forget how he definitely said he hated Cleveland?

I guess so and it's a damn shame. I'm not mad at LeBron or the Cavs. It's cool to see them winning, but I'm mad at the press and at everyone in NEOhio for making LeBron into some crazy celebrity, for ignoring what our other sports teams have accomplished, and for disregarding the rest of the team. LeBron isn't the only player, you know, and The Cavs aren't the only winners in Cleveland.

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