Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday Goals

Life has gotten pretty fucking busy of late. Last week, I took a second job. I will now be working 6-days a week from 12a-8a (or sometimes from 4p-12a) and also Thursday-Sunday from 4p-10p (or 11p). Why? Because bills, motherfuckers. I was working out my college plan, trying to figure out my graduation date, and I discovered that I have reached the cap on Federal Student Loans for undergraduate students. So yeah, I'm in a boatload of debt, but also, I need to get this shit done and I'm gonna have to pay for some of it myself. Hence, a second job and working pretty much every day until Labor Day...also, marathon training. This leaves precious little time for anything else, which is ok. If I spend my days sleeping next to Adam and my nights working, I suppose there are worse things I could do with my summer.

Last week was super stressful which led into a really stressful Monday. I was up for 30 hours before I went to bed, and I didn't even write this post. So now I'm late, and I'd rather post this one than a Fat Tuesdays post and really, I might be a sporadic blogger for the summer. Did I mention I'm also still in college? I have a Critical Thinking paper queued up and it reminded me I needed to get over there and write this. That paper can wait ten minutes!


I managed to accomplish a good amount of my list last week, but I realized I had to give up on the sewing game. Aside from having to fix my machine, my days are now filled with work, running, and sleeping. Grocery shopping might become the highlight of my week. Adam and I have been watching Grey's Anatomy, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay awake for all the episodes, because I'm gonna have to sleep more Thursday-Sunday. It's fine. I am going to adjust and, in two months, I will be really happy to see our bills paid off and money in our savings account, ready to pay for college stuffs. It's gonna all work out fine, I'm just not going to have much of a life this summer.

This Week's Goals
Run every day
Run with Freya
Run with Calloway
Hit my mileage goal
Do some yoga
Maintain new IG for yoga
Stay on top of my schoolwork
Edit wedding photos
Book with Morgan
Rebook with Maddie
Book with Kelso
Figure out a decent sleep schedule

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