Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fat Tuesdays : Nathan Vaporairess 2L

Today's post is actually what I want to be posting for Fat Tuesdays, because I think it illustrates what is wrong with the world regarding shit fat people need. This post serves two purposes; the first is that it illustrates how I carry water with me when I run and why I use the hydration system I use, the second is that it illustrates just how lacking the exercise (specifically running) industry is when it comes to fat people. So what happened?

I ordered the Nathan Sports Vaporairess 2L hydration vest from Amazon (and saved a few bucks doing it this way) in a size L/XL. It arrived. I tried it on. The fit was A FUCKING JOKE. So I made a video. The video shows my Camelbak 1.5L vest, which is mostly everything I need, and then it shows the Nathan Sports Vaporairess. I don't think I have anything more to say than what the video shows, except for maybe...

Dear Manufacturers of Running Equipment,
GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Fat people exercise too.

LOL to the face in the paused screen for the video, and also making eyes at my mom to get her to stop filming because I have crap video editing software that's impossible to use and I don't like having "Go" and "Stop" in my videos. I've since decided to keep my Camelbak vest, return the Nathan vest, and just invest in shirts with actual sleeves. That's a much less daunting prospect and like I said, the Camelbak is a really great vest with only one flaw, and I can work around that.


  1. I love this video. It not only speaks to how the "fitness industry" is only interested in the skinny people, but also to how messed up women's sizing is! I know all bodies are different, but not so different that someone who wears L and XL should be incapable of wearing a L/XL.

    1. Word. I'm also kind of annoyed that they're sending me a different style of vest. The more I think about it, the less I want that style and the more I want THIS style to be in my size.