Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fat Tuesdays : Nathan Sports Review

In response to my previous post, Nathan Sports sent me stuff and a hand written letter! I didn't expect free gear, but I was happy to take it...and then not so happy with it. I don't write this blog hoping I'll receive free stuff. I simply want the world to know that fat people exist and trying to tell us you include us without follow through is just bullshit. (I also think it's fine if a company doesn't want to include everyone, and that they should be allowed to say that, but that is an unpopular opinion.) Nevertheless, Nathan Sports sent me free gear, which I tested, and which I have reviewed...as well as including the same info about Camelbak, which is also relevant to the new stuff.

A few notes :

1. Nathan Sports is in CALIFORNIA not Colorado as I said in the video. I do all my videos in one take with no editing, unless they suck and then I do them over. So I don't actually really know how to correct a video, but also all those jumpy videos people post that have clearly been edited, seem fake to me. So anyway, I make mistakes!

2. Also, Nathan Sports doesn't exactly use models. There are people on their site and they have ambassadors, but they don't use models for their gear.

3. Though they don't feature models on their site, it still has models and their Instagram is chock full of thin people. I have a few screenshots below as well as an example of someone not thin and a disturbing one on their social media. So after the video, which is a 17-minute long review of their gear (and Camelbak), check out more info...especially if you're Nathan Sports and you're as serious as I am about this.

4. It may be confusing in the video that I say I put on the vest and it fit well and then I went to test it and it didn't work. I tried it on straight out of the box with no water in it. Once I put water in it, the fit changed dramatically.

First, images from their website

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.05.04 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.04.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.04.13 PM

Note how very thin the people are, even though they are also small images.

Second, a screencap of their Youtube Channel

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.06.01 PM

Again, where there are people, they are thin. This is also true of the reviews from ordinary people that I found. I could get all sociopolitical about how fat shaming also prevents average sized and fat people from publishing their bodies, but you can google that for another day.

Third, a screenshot of an average example of their IG feed

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 9.06.38 PM

More thin

Fourth, an averaged size person!!!


Hooray! There's at least one of us! And look, it's not hard, there are chubby and average and old and big and small and walkers AT THE END OF EVERY RACE. I mean that, in the last corral, where I am. We can be ambassadors too, just sayin'. People are racing who are not the first place finishers and trophy winners and elite runners doing hundreds of miles a week...and those average people are also SHOPPING!

Finally, a problem...and a SOLUTION!


This post is problematic, not the least of which is due to people be likened to a dog (and it was my first instinct to feel that fat people were being likened to dogs)...but just because people aren't dog sized or shaped. So if you want to talk about your stuff fitting all shapes and sizes, then just include people of all shapes and sizes. BECAUSE WE EXIST!

So I will say it again, because this is my offer to every company ever. I am a Professional Photographer who is capable of shooting in a variety of environments and I also have normal sized people available to me, so I will happily pose for you myself and give you the photos. I will also volunteer as a test model (you just gotta come to me or pay me to come to you) FOR FREE! I literally do not want to be paid to represent regular people. Expenses? Yes, 'cause I ain't rich! Gear? Sure, whatever! But actual monetary payment...NOT EVEN NECESSARY! If I need to work for you for free just so you will represent us, then I'll do it. But honestly, we all know that's bullshit anyway. So just find real people and real fit models, PLEASE! 'Cause this is exhausting and I just wanna be able to buy clothes and gear that fits and to see people like me in the media of the places where I shop.

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