Friday, September 16, 2016

Recent Work : Goldrenrod

Much like my Queen Anne's Lace shoot, I had been falling in love with goldenrod for a few weeks before deciding to do a shoot. However, with this shoot I didn't have the conundrum of who so much as not really any idea of where or when. Earlier this week, I went for a run on a gloriously overcast and cool morning. Oh how delightful it is when the weather changes. I saw this patch of goldenrod and the divine light and I just knew I needed to do something!

Upon further reflection, I wonder if I need to switch up what I do. I get sort of stuck in the same poses. I think I want to write a note to myself to give me some pose ideas and try new things. It can be hard when it's just me and the ground and ten minutes in a park, directing whomever I'm with how to hold the camera and where to shoot. When I go out by myself or I'm really alone in the world, it's easier to spend more time thinking about what to do. Anyway, just thoughts I had.

I edited these in Instagram, like I usually do. No photoshop or removing of blemishes, just using filters to get a certain feel.








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