Friday, September 30, 2016

Recent Work : Karina; Purple

Though I mentioned that I am excited to use myself as a model, I am still also excited to work with other models. Especially if those models offer me something I can't comfortably recreate. In particular, Karina is a dancer I have worked with before, though I never posted the shoot I did with her an another model. I knew that Karina was up for anything and would be able to offer a lot of movement possibilities. I was totally right!

She arrived with a vintage Gunne Sax dress, and as we spoke, I realized I had another piece of wardrobe that would work well for her. So we ended up doing three shoots on this sunny, fall day, and I think they were all pretty damn glorious. I'm posting the one I just finished editing, and I'll be sharing the other two (as well as two previous shoots I've done with her) in the coming weeks.

It's true, I can use myself as a model, and I do. But it's also fun to have multiple models with different looks and abilities, so I can dream up and then execute shoots. It keeps me excited, creatively, even if nothing more comes of it than having a fun time, making art!

I wanted to start wide and play a bit.

This is a composite using a main image with her feet crossed, and then elements of her leg and skirt from another image to ensure that movement was represented with the best feet!

I love when things get weird!


That moment when the body and the hair and the lighting on the face are just right.

This is another composite where her legs and hair were looking their best, but the dress covered up some parts or didn't have the best movement. I used part of her leg from another shot and part of her dress from two other shots to create a more epic look.


I always like to finish with a few headshots and I love capturing light just right on her amazing eyes!


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous! These are probably some of my favourites of your shoots. And that third one from the bottom is just perfect.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad that my composites look good and not obviously cheesy.